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Queensland Police Service
Celebrating 150 Years of Policing


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Senior Sergeant Charles DALTON. N.S.W. Police Force. c1876.
Photograph by John Freeman. Ozbadge thanks Alan Davies of the State Library of New South Wales   Ozbadge

* Apparently, there are now fake and/or "prototype", NT Police "Detectives" badges. See: NTP page for more info on the real issued version.
* Black or "subdued" current Police badges are not known to be issued.
* Be aware of obviously illegal, Queen's Crown, COMPOL and Christmas Island junk status, fakes; the "emu" and "roo" are bald (have no feathering) and fake COMPOL KC badges with "flat" (not bulging) crowns.
* Be aware of some new, "crappy looking" ACT, Norfolk Island, APS, COMPOL and Customs "Border Protection" bullion badges, not only do they look amateurish, some of these badges never even existed.

The unauthorised manufacturing of any type of insignia using the word: "POLICE", (no matter how old it looks) is illegal.
Selling these unauthorised, junk status, "fakes" as genuine, can be considered "FRAUD".
If you copy any images from this web site and make "fake" badges, I WILL know. For any "fraudsters" out there who don't understand what a Copyright image is, look it up.



Old Parliament House, Canberra.
Ozbadge is proud to have been one of the contributing museums to this wonderful exhibition.



Ozbadge is a proud contributor to NSW Police Force Legacy, Victoria Police "Blue Ribbon", Queensland "Community Supporting Police" and WA Police Legacy.

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