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Australian Commonwealth Police and Australian Federal Police.

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The Australian Commonwealth and Australian Federal Police
and Christmas Island Police, Norfolk Island Police, Peace Officers, Federal Capital Police, Australian Capitol Territory Police, Australia Police, Australian Federal Police, Australian Protective Service, Federal Court Marshals, National Crime Authority and Australian Crime Commission badge history.
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The Australian Commonwealth Police


Commonwealth Police Force (C.P.F), 1927, "general issue" cap badge; hallmarked Stokes and Sons, Melbourne.
A smaller, mess-kit version, Hallmarked “STOKES”, exists.


WARNING: Use of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms without permission may breach the Trade Practices Act 1974, the Trade Marks Act 1995 and the Criminal Code Act 1995. Importation of goods bearing the Commonwealth Coat of Arms is prohibited under the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations.


Knowingly BUYING or TRADING in such items is apparently illegal also.


BE AWARE of fake, chrome or nickel replicas; some made with hard-fired, vitreous enamel. Some also marked "Stokes and Sons Melb".


Note: The original, early badges made of "brass"by "Stokes and Sons" were NOT numbered and ARE hallmarked. Those made later by "Stokes" may have numbers. Most of these "fake" badges DO NOT have a "rounded" (bulging) crown; these "junk" fakes have a flat crown. Report fake "C of A" items to the Australian Federal Police.





Commonwealth Police Force (C.P.F), "Commissioner's", gold plated, cap badge. Hallmarked "Stokes and Sons". c 1927
BE AWARE: The Original badge has a well known and documented current "owner"; so be aware of cheap fakes with a "1" stamped on the back.

The Commonwealth of Australia Police Force was initially formed of "plain clothed" police officers on the 7th December, 1917  (pursuant to the Crimes Act of 1914 and the War Precautions Regulations of 1917), after an incident involving the protection of the Prime Minister in Queensland; known as "The Warwick Incident". In 1919, the Commonwealth Police Force (C.P.F) was officially disbanded and merged with the (ex military) Special Intelligence Bureau (S.I.B.) to form the Commonwealth Investigation Branch (C.I.B); within the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department. The  "Federal Capital Territory Police Force" was formed on the 28th September, 1927 to police the Australian Capital Territory and soon changed its name to the "Commonwealth Police Force" (C.P.F), but was renamed the "Australian Capital Territory Police Force"  (A.C.T. Police) in 1958. In 1949, A.S.I.O (Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation) was formed. In 1960, pursuant to Commonwealth Police Act of 1957, the Commonwealth Investigation Service (C.I.S), (the name used after the wartime merger of the former C.I.B and the former Securiity Service), was merged with the "Peace Officer Guard" (P.O.G.) (formed in 1925), to re form the "Commonwealth Police Force" (C.P.F). In 1975, the A.C.T. Police and the Northern Territory Police were to be merged with the "Commonwealth Police Force" (C.P.F) and renamed the "Australia Police". They reverted to the name of "Commonwealth Police Force" (COMPOL) later that same year. The Commonwealth Police Force (COMPOL) and the Australian Capital Territory Police (A.C.T. Police) were then amalgamated to form the "Australian Federal Police" (A.F.P.) in October, 1979. The Australian Federal Bureau of Narcotics (Customs) was also disbanded with most members joining the newly formed A.F.P. The first series cap badge (top above) was designed by Stokes and Sons of Melbourne, under the direction of Major H.E. Jones, and issued in 1927. It is hallmarked "Stokes" or "Stokes and Sons" and is considered Extremely Rare. *One of a Kind  is a "white and blue enamel", non voided, gold plated version (above bottom); made for Commissioner Major H.E. Jones and has a known, current owner. 

This style of badge was also issued in two smaller, Extremely Rare, blue enamel,  voided, lapel badges and an Extremely Rare, non voided version. Use unknown. Voided are hallmarked. : STOKES.
Some of these surplus "1927" style badges were  issued through to the late 1960's with a "Christmas Island" plinth, "Northern Territory" plinth and possibly a "Norfolk Island" plinth (see below). Note: Early versions were "nickel or silver plated"; as "chrome plating" was not widely introduced on badges in Australia until the mid 1930's.



The Commonwealth Police Force (COMPOL) Queen's Crown cap badge (Series 5). Rare. After being reformed once again in 1960, 5 versions of this badge, an "officer's" bullion cap badge and a "shorty" ID badge with slider, were issued until their amalgamation into the Australian Federal Police in 1979.
*Click on badge above to see the full series of 5 versions of the cap badge.
WARNING: Be aware of those fakes with no feathering on the emu. Illegal to import or make.


Australian Peace Officer Guard (P.O.G) King's Crown, cap badge. Formed in 1925 after the NSW Police refused to serve Commonwealth warrants on striking dockers. Also worn by members of the D.E.G. (Defence Establishment Guard) during WW2. Hallmarked "Stokes" and numbered. c1928 - 1958. Scarce.
Warning: Be aware of fake, chrome and nickel replicas; some made with hard-fired, vitreous enamel and some are marked "Stokes and Sons Melb". It is apparently illegal to copy and then sell the Australian Coat of Arms!



Commonwealth "Police" Investigation Branch Detective's ID "Fob chain" badge or medallion. c 1919 - 1940. Hallmarked, numbered and
Very Rare. 

The Australian Federal Police


Australian Federal Police Cap badge. 1st Version. Hallmarked "Lega". Very Rare. Withdrawn. c1979
BE AWARE of replicas.

Australian Protective Service


Australian Protective Service obsolete cap badge.  1st Issue. Known as the "Ninja Star" badge. c1984.Hallmarked "Stokes".
Very Rare.
On the 1st July 2004, the Australian Protective Service was integrated into the Australian Federal Police and now known as the AFP Protective Service.

National Crime Authority


National Crime Authority ID and wallet badge.
1st issue badge. Issued in a leather wallet. Made by AMOR Sydney. Agents were offered their badge mounted on a plaque when it was made obsolete. Note: Australian Coat of Arms surmounts the badge; instead of the Queen's Crown. 
* One of the Rarest.

Norfolk Island Police



Norfolk Island Police, King's Crown, cap badge, by AMOR Sydney. c 1945.
Extremely Rare
Note: Beware of "new" replicas.
* Of Interest:
New style, Norfolk Island Police badges, in cap, ID and numbered fob versions, based the current AFP badge, but featuring Norfolk Island palm tree "throngs" in the design, was issued in 2011. These beautiful badges were made by Miller's Sydney and hallmarked. Issued to the AFP and local Police : in very, small numbers.

Australian Capital Territory Police


The Australian Capital Territory Police (A.C.T.) King's Crown, cap badge.
Hallmarked: "Stokes". c 1957 - 1965.
Originally formed in 1927 from Commonwealth "Peace Officers"; with 10 members (see above). The A.C.T. Police were first known as the "Federal Capital Territory Police" and also used the name "Commonwelath Police". The name was officially changed to the "Australian Capital Territory Police" in 1958; after a new Commonwealth Police Bill was presented to Federal Parliament. This new bill proposed a new force, combining all the members of the "Peace Officer Guard", some members from the "Commonwealth Investigation Service", with the existing F.C.T. or "Commonwelath" Police. The resulting A.C.T. Police force was eventually amalgamated into the newly formed "Australian Federal Police" force (A.F.P.) in 1979. Extremely Rare,



ACT Police. "Commissioner's" bullion cap badge; introduced by Commissioner Edward "Ted" Richards c 1965. Although some old reproductions of this badge apparently exist, the original badges would be considered:
*One of the Rarest.


The Commonwealth Police Force (C.P.F) "Christmas Island" King's Crown hat badge. c 1958. These are two part badges made from the original surplus of "1927" Commonwealth Police badges. Raised hallmark "Stokes Melb". Was used until the late 1960's.

* One of the Rarest.


WARNING: Be aware of illegal, junk, flat fakes; without a "bulging" crown, numbered and not made with vitreous enamel. Illegal to import.



Australian Peace Officer Guard (P.O.G) King's Crown, "Commissioner's" cap badge. Hallmarked and numbered. "Sterling Silver" wash.
c1936 - c1958.  Copyright ©
The originlnal badge above has a known owner.

Warning: Be aware of fake, cheap, chrome and nickel replicas; some made with hard-fired, vitreous enamel. Some are marked "Stokes and Sons Melb". It is apparently illegal to copy, then sell or import the Australian Coat of Arms!





Rear of "Fob chain" ID badge/medal. Numbered (1-100) and hallmarked "Stokes and Sons".
(Fictitious number)


The Australian Federal Police Cap badge 2nd Version. The last obsolete version before current issue 3rd Version (not shown). Hallmarked "Lega Melb." Withdrawn. Rare. c1981
BE AWARE of replicas.



Australian Protective Service "Female" obsolete Brooch badge. Pin back. Hallmarked "Stokes Melb". 1st Issue.
c 1984. Very Rare.
(Fictitious number).



National Crime Authority ID and "wallet" badge. 2nd Issue. Not hallmarked; but apparently designed and made by "Boland Industries". Very Rare.


Norfolk Island Police, Queen's Crown cap badge, by AMOR Sydney.
Extremely Rare. c 1958 
Be AWARE of replicas; flat badges with screw mountings.


The Australian Capital Territory Police Queen's Crown cap badge. 1965 -1979. Hallmarked.  Extremely Rare. Also issued in an early version: without the "red enamel in crown". The Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner/Superintendent  wore "bullion" badges; reproductions of the bullion badges exist. The A.C.T Police was one of Australia's smallest  modern Police forces with only 581 sworn members. It was amalgamated into the Australian Federal Police in 1979.
WARNING: Be aware of fakes of this badge.


ACT Police. Apparently issued to the "Superintendent of Police" as a cap badge. Introduced by Commissioner Edward "Ted" Richards c 1965. Although some old reproductions of this badge apparently exist, the original badges would be considered :
*One of the Rarest.


The Commonwealth Police Force (COMPOL) "Christmas Island" Queen's Crown hat badge. Notice the error of a "sun ray" instead of the "Piping Shrike" in the shield.
c 1969. Very Rare. There is also an extremely rare "Christmas Island" metal epaulette badge for use at the base of numbered, leather epaulettes
WARNING: Beware of any "non-voided", flat (not curved), replica, cap badges and those with emu's that have no "feathering". Illegal to import .


Commonwealth Police Force, "Northern Territory", cap badge. Hallmarked "Stokes" or "Stokes and Sons Melb". 
c 1927 - 1965. The "Northern Territory" plinth was added in c1950. Issued and used until c1965. Extremely Rare.
Warning: Be aware of fake, chrome and nickel replicas; some made with hard-fired, vitreous enamel and some are marked "Stokes and Sons Melb". It is apparently illegal to copy and then sell the Australian Coat of Arms!



Australian Commonwealth Police Force "lapel" ID badge. May have also been used by "plain clothes" members of the "Commonwealth Investigation Branch" (C.I.B.) or "Commonwealth Investgation Service" (C.I.S).
"Pin back" fitting. c 1919 - 1945. Hallmarked "AMOR Sydney".
* One of the Rarest.
Note: A bronze,"cast", replica exists.
(Fictitious number)


The Australian Federal Police "Fob" or pocket badge. It was also issued in a female brooch version. c 1985. Withdrawn. BE AWARE of replicas, Inc. unofficial “RETIRED” Rare
(Fictitious number)


Australian Protective Service obsolete Cap and ID badge. There were at least 5 issues of this badge made by various makers including J and J Cash, Emblem Supply and Boland Industries. Earlier versions had no "clear coat" and later versions had a coloured Australian "Coat of Arms". A small "lapel" badge version was made as a tie-pin badge, cuff links and as mess kit lapel badge. c1990-2004. Scarce. 
Be AWARE of replicas of this badge..



National Crime Authority ID and "wallet" badge. 3rd and last issue. "Serial Numbered" on back and Extremely Rare Not hallmarked, but apparently designed and made by "Boland Industries".
Note: The Australian Crime Commission amalgamated and replaced: the National Crime Authority, the Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence and the Office of Strategic Crime Assessments in 2003.



Commonwealth Police "1927" style badge with "Norfolk Island plinth.
MAY have existed; not known. c 1939. (Concept badge only shown above).




The Australian Capital Territory "male" fob badge. Commissioner Edward “Ted” Richards apparently issued the ACT metal "fob" badge; after visiting Denmark and seeing their fob badge. A badge number was normally engraved in the plinth area. A "P" with number version was issued to Probationary police. Numbered issued versions are: Very Rare. There was also a female pin backed "brooch" version issued which is Extremely Rare
" One of the Rarest" versions (above), is engraved with the "Southern Cross" star and Commissioner's "Crossed Tipstaves".  Extremely Rare blank plinth versions exist. WARNING: Be aware of fakes of this badge.


ACT Police. "Commissioned Officer's " bullion cap badge; apparently introduced by Commissioner Edward "Ted" Richards c 1965, but it is not known if it was issued. Although some old reproductions of this badge apparently exist, the original badges would be considered:
*One of the Rarest.

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