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Western Australia Police

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Western Australia Police
West Australian Police , WA Police and Western Australian Police Service badge history.
Note: The State arms, seal and name: Western Australia Police are Copyright © State of Western Australia. HRH "The Queen's Crown" ("Saint Edward's Crown") is Copyright © The Royal Household and its use granted solely by Royal Warrant.



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Western Australian Police in the first Model T Ford c 1911.
Before the turn the of the 19th century, the most notable and widely used badge used by the Western Australia Police (by "other ranks") was simply a single, bullion style, Queen Victoria type, "crown" and after 1901, a bullion style King's type "crown"; which was centered on the kepi and was worn until c 1914 (see above). A "bullion" badge, (similar to the helmet plate style directly below) was used by Commissioned Officers on a kepi. Early photos also seem to show some "cross over" use of the very ornate uniform and helmets used by some senior "militia" officers, who were also senior Commissioned Police officers; utilising the larger "Western Australia" Militia style helmet plate. Note: the number of stripes of silver braid on the kepi's (above) denote rank.
During WW1, an officer's style "military" forage cap with a new metal, "bottle top" style badge, using the word "POLICE" on it, for the first time (see below), was introduced. The "Officer's" cross belt, with the old "Western Australia" militia type, metal badge, with chain and whistle (or "pickers"), was seemingly and interestingly still worn by all WA Commissioner's of Police, until 2003.
Note: the curious absence of the word "Police" on these earlier badges and the type of (yet unknown) cypher used on them (see below). They most probably originated as Colonial Volunteer "militia"  badges, helmet plates and cross belt plates and had then been "generically" used as "Police" insignia; for unknown reasons. At least one original "die struck" set is still known to exist.


The Commissioned Officer's military style "bullion" badge, similar in style to the cross belt badge (right), was worn by most Commissioned Officers on a kepi from the mid 1880's until c1914. Replicas, made by Ozbadge under sole licence, exist.  No originals are known to have survived.* One of the Rarest.


An early Western Australia Police "Commissioned Officer's" bullion cap badge; obviously based on the original metal badge logo below or vice versa. There were various versions over the years, as they were all hand made. Early c1920's to c 1980's. Replica's exist. The originals are Extremely Rare.


The Western Australia Police cap badge with what looks like, a QVC “Queen Victoria Crown". Hallmarked "Cumpston", Perth. Western Australia. Extremely Rare. C1911

The Cumpston family. A tragic story.




A Western Australia Police "Commissioned Officer's" bullion cap badge. Known as the "brown duck" badge. c1960. All Commissioned Officer's have worn the current style metal cap badge since 1985. Scarce.


The Western Australia Police "Squashed Swan" chromed, cap, helmet and "North West," Akubra, badge. Earlier versions were nickel plated. Some marked: AMOR SYDNEY". c 1954. Very Rare.


This Queen Victoria crowned, generic "militia" type, "Western Australia" plate style badge was worn, in military style, on a cross belt (with a whistle or pickers; and chain) by many Commissioned Officers; specifically only by the Commissioner in later years. Worn for over 100 years from c 1890 to 2003. Note: A larger and wider, "Helmet Plate"  version of this badge also exists; as well as a "crown-less" version. Made of Silver, by Thomas Bent Wilkins of Birmingham and some hallmarked * One of the Rarest.


Western Australia Police King's Crown senior "Officer's" forage cap badge and/or Ceremonial Helmet Plate. This earlier version has a voided swan with a black "painted" disc, instead of the later cloth disc behind the swan. Hallmarked: Austral Engraving Co. Perth. (pre 1944 Sheridans Perth).
c 1914 - 1920. Very Rare.


Western Australia Police "King's Crown" cap badge; as issued to other ranks. This is the intricate King's Crown version made by Thomas Fattorini Ltd, Hockley St, Birmingham, UK. Hallmarked. c 1922. Very Rare. Also, in an Extremely Rare  "gold" coloured version; which was apparently issued to all WA Water Police officers.


Western Australia Police King's Crown Helmet Plate badge; for other ranks. Known as the "bottle top" badge. Voided swan. Most with black padded "cloth" material fixed behind swan for use on with light coloured helmets. c 1914 - 1920 and reissued from 1948 - 1954. Some are hallmarked "SHERIDAN WA".
Very Rare.


West Australian Police, Queen's Crown "skeleton" cap, helmet and "North West," Akubra hat badge. Hallmarked " Sheridan Perth" or "AMOR Sydney". c 1961. Scarce.


Western Australia Imperial Water Police badge. c 1900. *One of the Rarest.


The Queen Victoria Crown cross belt "pouch" badge was situated on a pouch and worn at the back of the officers cross belt. Worn for over 100 years from c1890 to 2003; specifically only by the Commissioner of Police in later years.
* One of the Rarest.
Note: A "King's Crown" version of some of this early QVC "WA Militia" style insignia may also exist; which would also be * One of the Rarest.


Western Australia Police, King's Crown, early senior Officer's cap badge (as denoted by the black painted ring). Voided for use on dark, forage cap.
c 1914 - 1920. Very Rare.


Western Australia Police "King's Crown" ; as issued to "other ranks". Also used by Officer's of the Mounted Police as a "Martingale" horse harness badge; as above. c 1928. Cap badge is Very Rare. Mounted Officer's leather mounted horse badge is Extremely Rare. Maker: Austral Engraving (but not hallmarked); who became Sheridan's (Perth) in the early 1920's. Note: This badge was restruck from the original dies in 2005, with the hallmark "Sheridan Perth"; some in "gold" finish; as apparently used by the Water Police. Only five (5 )sets were re-struck in solid, "Sterling Silver" (STG).


Western Australia King's Crown, smaller version, "Bottle top" Cap Badge. Voided swan, but with no black material behind swan. Used on forage caps from c 1914 to 1929; reissued 1948-1954. Some are hallmarked "SHERIDAN WA".
Very Rare.


Obsolete "Western Australia Police Service" plaque badge. c 1970. Obsolete latin motto: "Dieu et Mon Droit" in plinth. Hallmarked "Sheridan Perth". Replaced with "Protect and Serve" in plinth, in 2000 and then "Western Australia" in plinth, in 2006; with various makers. Scarce.
BE AWARE: A newly designed, "DETECTIVE" belt badge, on a leather backing, with a "badge number" engraved in the plinth, was issued in 2009 (not shown). Unfortunately, it seems, the current "DETECTIVE" badge has  now been copied.

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