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Victoria Police

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Victoria Police 
Victoria(n) Constabulary, Detective Branch, C.I.B. & Victoria(n) Police Force badge history.
Note: The State arms, seal and name: Victoria Police © State of Victoria.
HRH "The Queen's Crown" ("Saint Edward's Crown") is Copyright © The Royal Household and use granted by Royal Warrant.


Queen Victoria Crown, "Victorian Constabulary",
Senior Commissioned Officer's Helmet Plate. c 1880.
Introduced by CCP Chomley. *One of the Rarest.
Some time after Queen Victoria died in 1901, it seems some enterprising individuals decided to remove the bottom leg of the "R", from the Royal "VR" Cypher on this badge, to form the letters "VP" for "Victoria Police"; so this badge could continue to be used. The original plates were made of solid, "Sterling Silver" by Thomas Stokes and are "shellbacked" or "pressed" metal. Some crowns were voided. They were not hallmarked. Please note: Modern replicas and also older replicas exist for this badge and they normally have a modern "shiny" metal look to them. Test them for silver. Apparently, re-strikes were made by Stokes in c1972. Originals also have older screw-type fittings.
There was also a Chief Commissioner's "bullion" version of this "style" of badge made, using the letters "VP", crown and wreath; as worn by CCP Alexander Duncan (1937-1955).


Queen Victoria Crown, Victoria Constabulary, bullion badge, worn by Commissioned Officers; normally on a kepi.
c 1853  Dated by existing photos. Click badge to see photo.
Please note: slight changes to the original badge image (above) have been made, so this badge can not be copied accurately. *One of kind. Copyright © Ozbadge.
Note:  The Original badge, this image was taken from, has a well known and documented "owner"; so beware of fakes. *See the Ozbadge Studio for stunning, Limited remakes.


Queen Victoria Crown, Victoria Police Force, "VR" cypher, bullion badge image, worn by Commissioned Officers; normally on a kepi. c 1890 - 1901. Some slight variants existed. "Other ranks", normally wore only a "brass" district letter with a number, on a black shako, until c 1878 and then a row of up to four "white metal" numbers on the tall " Sudweekes" black helmets; until the new, chromed, 1947 "Victoria Police" badge was issued.
Note: 30 replica framed sets of Commissioned Officer bullion badges were made under authority of Victoria Police in 2006.
Copyright  ©  Ozbadge.


Victoria Police Force, King's Crown, "Officer's" bullion cap badge; the later variant with a diminished cypher.
c 1935-1954. Very Rare. Copyright  ©  Ozbadge.


The Victoria Police Force, King's Crown, Cap Badge/Helmet plate was introduced in 1947 by CCP DUNCAN; with the French motto "Tenez Le Droit". The badge was apparently designed by a Robert Knox PEACOCK, who was a librarian, employed by the Defence Department at Victoria Barracks, in Melbourne. It was issued for use on the new, RAAF military style, soft cloth forage caps, which replaced the famous tall, 1878 black "Sudweekes" Bobbie-style helmets; which just displayed a row of white metal helmet numbers on them. It also replaced the "metal numbers" which had been used on the recently introduced white "Summer" helmets and also on the Motorcycle Unit leather forage-type caps. The black " Sudweekes" helmets were fully phased out during that year. The use of this new large cap badge (or helmet plate) continued until well after 1955 when a new, smaller Cap Badge, of a similar design (right), was introduced by CCP PORTER. All "other ranks" were issued with both the larger and smaller badges (with matching numbers) as a set; the larger was to be displayed on the new "white helmets" and the new smaller badge was to be displayed on the new "soft forage caps". This badge was also issued as a "BAND"(approx. 30 issued) helmet plate and a "P.W. (Police Woman) with number" version, in the plinth area. Hallmarked "Stokes".
Numbered versions are Rare, "BAND" and "P.W." versions are considered Very Rare.and the matching "numbered sets" of both badges (see right) are Extremely Rare. c 1947 - 1973.


This was the first version of the new, multi-colour, enamel inlay, Victoria Police Force, cap badge; which was issued to replace the Commissioned Officer's, "VP" style, bullion cap badges (as above). This first "gold" and enamel version was introduced by the then Chief Commissioner of Police Porter.
c 1958/9 - 1964. Hallmarked "Stokes Melb". 
Extremely Rare.
Note: Be aware of fakes without raised hallmark.
Apparently, a King's Crown and voided version or precursor of this badge, was made without any colour enamel or gilt, especially for use during the 1950's visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to Australia. ONE still exists.


In 1973, a new style of Victoria Police, Queen's Crown, Cap Badge was introduced for all ranks, in chromed metal and multi-coloured enamel, with the French Motto "Tenez Le Droit" ; with a "badge number" in the plinth. The word "Force" had been removed. The new "Officer's" Cap Badge is shown above and had a numbered "disc" glued in the back. The first "flat", ID metal badge, in a leather wallet (aka a "Freddie"), was also issued in this style in 1979/80, with a numbered disc glued in the back and replaced the printed maroon,"Warrant Card" ID folder (also known as a "Freddie or more appropriately, the "Brick".)
This new badge style was also issued in a numbered plinth version for "other ranks", a "CADET" version and a  "P.W. (Police Woman) with number" version. 
In 1985, these were replaced with the "Uphold The Right" English motto badge. The "English motto" cap badges were basically issued in four versions: an "Officer's" Cap Badge (with numbered disc), an "other ranks" numbered plinth Cap Badge, a flat ID Badge aka a "Freddie" (with a numbered disc or the Very Rare, Public Relations: VP/PR disc) and a "PSO", "gold" Cap and ID badges. Since the introduction of the English motto Cap Badge, all female officers were to wear exactly the same badge as their male counterparts. ie; without the "PW" in the plinth. The "Cadet" badges ceased to be issued in 1979/80. "French Motto" (1973-1985) numbered versions are Rare. Cadet and P.W. "French Motto" versions are Very Rare. English motto versions are currently issued: from 1985 to present and are not shown.
The current "Freddie" is issued in a numbered wallet.


The Victorian Police, Queen Victoria, "VR" cypher, Detective's or plain clothes officer's ID disc or medallion; normally used on a fob watch chain. The "Detective Force", was a separate "Force", reporting to the Chief Commissioner, through a separate O.I.C; and owed its inception, in 1848, to Chief Constable Sugden. It became the "Criminal Investigation Branch" (C.I.B.) around 1883. At least 58 were issued during the time: c1883 - 1902.  "No.1" is on display at MUSEUMS VICTORIA in Melbourne.
* One of the Rarest.


King's Crown, Victoria Police Force Detective's or Plain Clothe's, ID Fob Medallion; issued to members of the "C.I.B.". Second issue c 1902-1947. At least 400 of these fob badges were issued during this time.  Rare.


The King's Crown, Victoria Police Force, "Harbour Trust Commissioners" ID Disc; for use on a fob watch chain. 
This was introduced by CCP Gellibrand around 1921 in conjunction with the Melbourne Harbour Trust. The "Wharf Patrol", as it was known, later became the "Victoria Dock Police." It originally started with two Detectives, but grew into a reasonably sized section of "plain clothes" policemen; as apposed to Detectives. c 1921-1945. Very Rare.


Victoria Police "Auxiliary Force" cap badge.
Formed and used during WW2, due to the shortage of Police who had joined the military. Hallmarked: K.G. Luke. Rare. Also in a Very Rare "Women's" Auxiliary Force version. There were only 202 female, "Auxiliary" Force members. c1942-1953.
Note: Fictitious numbers on badges.


The Victorian Constabulary "VR" Cartouche badge, of a style used by "Commissioned Officers" on their cross belt, pouch. There are variations to this plate, but the originals were "pressed" metal, shellbacked and made of Coin or Sterling Silver. Extremely Rare. c 1880 - (1947). It was worn by the Victoria Mounted Police, until the new uniform was introduced and the cross belt removed from service. Howvever, it was still used, on a cross belt pouch, for several ceremonial occasions until c1947.
It seems some "cast" reproductions were made and used as O.R, "helmet plates", in the 1970's version of the movie: "Ned Kelly". We have seen no evidence, the original "badge" was ever used as a "helmet plate", by the Victorian Constabulary / Police; or anyone else for that matter.


The Victorian Constabulary, VR, "Silverfish", Cartouche badge, of a style used by a senior "Commissioned Officer" on a cross belt, pouch. This stunning plate is made of solid, "pressed" , Silver and is shellbacked. It's provenance, screw type fittings with silver hexagonal screws and lack of hallmarks, definitely suggest it was made by Thomas Stokes (Melb.) and used by a very senior Commissioned Officer in the Victorian Constabulary.
* One of the Rarest. c 1880 


*Ozbadge thanks Col. Gordon Maulday for his expert knowledge and
the late, Supt. H.J. "Bunny" Storer for his research and dedication.
NOTE::  The Victoria(n) Constabulary and Victoria Police "bullion" badges are, by exclusive agreement: Copyright  ©  Ozbadge.
All Rights Reserved.


Queen Victoria Crown, Victorian Constabulary, "cypher" bullion badge image, worn by Commissioned Officers; normally on a kepi. c 1860  Click badge to see photo. 
Please note: slight changes to the original badge image have been made, so this badge can not be copied accurately. *One of kind. Except for Ozbadge remakes. Copyright © Ozbadge.
Note: The Original badge this image was taken from, has a well known and documented "owner"; so beware of fakes.


Victoria Police Force, King's Crown, "Commissioned Officer's" bullion, kepi and cap badge with the botton leg of the "VR" cypher deleted, to form the letters "VP" for Victoria Police. Each was hand made; some variants of this badge may exist.
c 1901-1936. Extremely Rare. Copyright  ©  Ozbadge.



Victoria Police Force, Queen's Crown, "Officer's" bullion cap badge with a large, bulbous padded crown. c 1954/5 - 1959. Rare. Copyright  ©  Ozbadge.




A new, smaller Victoria Police Force, King's Crown Cap Badge was introduced in 1955/56 by CCP PORTER; for "other ranks". CCP PORTER exclusively wore a "bullion" version of this badge. Reproduced by Ozbadge
This was basically a smaller version of the already issued larger cap badge/helmet plate (left), but was issued to be displayed on the new soft cloth, forage caps; as the existing badge probably looked too large for use on the forage cap. Notice the oddity of the "dot" in the centre of the Southern Cross stars. What was Bertram Bro’s. thinking?
Also issued with "CADET" or "P.W. with number", in plinth. Hallmarked "Bertram Brothers Melbourne". Numbered versions are now Rare, Cadet and P.W. (Police Woman) are Very Rare. Matching, numbered sets, of both the larger "helmet plate/cap badge" (left) and the smaller "forage cap badge" (as above) are Extremely Rare. An Extremely Rare, "0000", version of this badge exists, with two "screw-type" fasteners. c 1955 - 1973.

 Note: Fictitious numbers on badges.


This is the second version of the Commissioned Officer's Cap Badge: a chrome and enamel  version. It was issued by CCP Arnold; as the "gold" version (left) was thought a little, too ostentatious for its day. Ultimately, it was decided that this style of badge was also too small and they were eventually replaced by the larger, current style, "officer's" cap badge (below left). Hallmarked "Stokes Melb". c 1964 - 1973. Very Rare.  Note: Be aware of fakes without raised hallmark.




This new larger, enamel inlay, Helmet Plate was also issued in 1973; in a "numbered" plinth version and also a "BAND" in plinth, version. The perceived advantages of wearing a "helmet" versus a "cap" changed dramatically in 20 years and so, with the introduction of the new English motto, "Uphold The Right", cap and ID badges in 1985, only the Police Band would continue to wear the pith style helmet, with a "helmet plate"; but using this existing older, French Motto version plate, with the word "BAND" in the plinth. Very Rare. Those with a numbered Plinth and French motto are Rare. c 1973 -1985. The Mounted Unit and Motorcycle Unit had began to wear "specialised" helmets, some with a reflective badge "decal", since the late 1950's.

Note: Fictitious number on badge.



Back of the Queen Victoria cypher "Detectives" ID Fob Medallion. Issued with an engraved badge number and not hallmarked. Silvered. Probably made by Stokes and Martin.
Note: Fictitious number on badges.


Back of King's Crown "Detectives" ID Fob Medallion.
Hallmarked "Stokes and Sons. Melb".
Issued with an engraved badge number.
Note: Fictitious number on badges.


The back of this disc/medallion was numbered and hallmarked "Stokes Melb". It is the rarer of the two "King's Crown" Detectives and/or plain clothes police ID medallions as it was issued in far fewer numbers. Notice the spelling of the word "Harbor" (sic). Under 100 would have been issued. thanks Peter Hamilton.



This "Queen Victoria" type crown cap badge was actually introduced around 1926; for use by the Victoria Police Military Band. It was originally made in nickel plate and enamel. The example above is in chrome and vitreous enamel, which would date it no earlier than about 1936 and is hallmarked "Stokes and Sons Melbourne" on the reverse. This type of badge was worn by band members up until c 1947, when the first, large, King's Crown cap badge (above) was introduced with the word "BAND" on the plinth of the badge. A stunning badge with extreme crown depth. Extremely Rare. Note: Be aware of flat-backed, fakes.




The Victorian Mounted Police "VMP" Cartouche badge was cut out from a solid sheet of metal, nickel plated and polished. It was worn, attached to the ammunition pouch, of the Mounted Trooper's cross belt. The pattern above, was apparently used by "other ranks". Very Rare. c 1885 - (1947). Not all were voided at the top of the "V" and the decorative, engraving "marks" varied by each individual maker, before polishing. It was worn by the Victoria Mounted Police for ceremonial occasions, until the new uniform was introduced and the cross belt removed; in c1947.


The Victorian Constabulary  "QVC" Senior Officer's belt buckle. Beautifully made from solid "German Silver" by Thomas Stokes (Melb.); but not hallmarked. The reason it would seem, that some of these very, early items were not hallmarked, was apparently because some in the "colonies" at that time, may have preferred to have had these items, made in London.
* One of the Rarest. c1880. Ed: Very nice job, Mr. Stokes!

Badges of Victoria Police strike:

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