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Police Air Wings.

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Australian Police Air Wings.

NSW Police Air Wing
Aviation Section and Aviation Support Branch

nswpcapbadge.jpg thanks Mike Austin.

This is an original "silver" bullion cap badge (above) with Air Wings (directly below), as issued in 1947, to the newly formed, NSW POLICE FORCE, "Aviation Section"  (Aircrew), under command of Sergeant 3rd Class Fred E.HANSON; of No. 21 (MOBILE) Division.
Aviation operations commenced on the 19th July, 1946, using an ex Royal Australian Air Force Avro Anson fixed wing aircraft; the "Nemesis". The cap badge was loosely based on the, RAAF style, cap badge of WW2. "NSWP" is seen embroidered on their original bullion cap badge; above. The letters on their silver bullion wings (below) were obviously for Pilot, Wireless Operator and later, Engineer. Unfortunately, for logistical and economic reasons, this original Police "FLIGHT" was made defunct and disbanded on 31 August 1950; after only four years. A new modern agency, the NSW Police Force "AIR WING" was formed some 30 years later in 1979, due to an increase in armed hold ups and the new crews were issued with new metal wings in a variety of forms; with the standard, current issue, NSW Police Force metal cap badge. In the late 1990's, members of the newly named, NSW Police Service "AVIATION SUPPORT BRANCH" were issued with the new, military style, "leather wing type patches" (see below). There is only one known set of the "1947" flight insignia to have survived. The "1947 Flight" insignia was designed by Constable 1st Class H.D. STILL. * One of the Rarest.
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The Original 1946 NSW Police Flight or "Flying Squad" with the Avro "Nemesis".
Two future NSW Police Commissioners are here: (from left to right) Senior Constable M.T. Wood (Commissioner 1977-79), Constables H.D.Johnson and D.Paul. Flight Commander, Sgt. F.J. Hanson (Commissioner 1972-1976), Detective S/C V.Murphy and Constables E.D. Baldwin and F.E. Hyland.


The first issue NSW Police Air Wings for "Pilot". They look "gold' here because of age, but were actually made of "silver" bullion. c 1946.


NSW Police Force "Pilot's" Wings. The Pilots wore the same wings as the observers, but the Pilots had gold edging to the centre-piece.c 1979.


NSW Police (not Force) Pilot's Wings.


NSW Police "Service" Wings. Not sure if these were "officially" issued to air crew or not.


NSW Police Service Pilot's "pewter" wings.
Last official issue of metal wings before leather wings. c1999.


NSW Police Aero Club bullion wings.
In the 1990s the then Commissioner directed that the club no longer be associated with the NSW Police, so the name was changed to the Phoenix Aero Club which still operates at Camden Airport. It is now open to anyone.


NSW Police Service 1st issue leather Pilot's wings. c 1998.


NSW Police Service 2nd issue leather Air Wing Pilot. c2000. Rare.


NSW Police Service Aviation Support Branch 3rd issue Pilot's Wings. c2001.


NSW Police Air Support Unit 4th issue leather Pilot's name badge. c 2003.

Victoria Police Air Wing.

Victoria's Police Air Wing was officially formed in 1975, after members of the Victoria Police Aero Club had demonstrated to the Police Force Command how effective aviation could be as a police resource. The Police Air Wing started operations with all fixed wing aircraft.

The Chrome wings are not hallmarked. Brass wings hallmarked "Lega Melb"

Western Australia Police Air Wing
or Air Support Unit



Hallmarked "Sheridan Perth" and Numbered. Rare.

Queensland Police Air Wing


Photo Circa 1979.
* thanks Mike Austin and Grant Linwood..
The Queensland Police Air Wing began unofficially in 1956 when a Police Officer stationed at Camooweal flew his own Tiger Moth, to assist with Police work. The official Police Air Wing started in 1975 with two aircraft. It consisted of four  pilots and was located at Archerfield. In 1980 the Unit was moved to Brisbane Airport and the Unit was closed in 1983. The Unit was then reformed in 1985, staffed by civilian pilots. It is apparently still staffed by all civilian pilots and operates out of Brisbane, Cairns and Mount Isa with four modern fixed wing aircraft. All QPOL Wings are extremely rare.

South Australian Police Air Wing



Northern Territory Police
Air Wing


The Northern Territory Police Air Wing began operations in 1979 based in Darwin and Alice Springs with two fixed wing aircraft. Hallmaked "Sheridan Perth". Only 52 sets were made between 1990-2001. This is a custom made "one piece" badge (not a pin glued onto wings).

Extremely rare.


Tasmania Police Air Wing


There is no known insignia for the Tasmanian Police Air Wing.


The first issue NSW Police Air Wings for "Wireless Operator". c 1946.


NSW Police Force "Observor" Wings. The Pilots wore the same wings as the observers, but the Pilots had gold edging to the centre-piece c 1979.


NSW Police Observor Wings.


NSW Police Force trial variant.


NSW Police Service Observor "pewter" wings.
Last official issue of metal wings before leather wings. c1999.


NSW Police Aero Club metal wings.


NSW Police Service 1st issue leather Observor's wings. c 1998.


NSW Police Service 2nd issue Air Wing for Observor. c2000


NSW Police Service Aviation Support Branch 3rd issue Crew Wings. c2001.


NSW Police Air Support Unit 4th issue leather Crew badge. c 2003












Issued 1977-1983. Hallmarked: AJ Parkes.


Issued 1978-1983; in a slightly different shape.


Issued 1985 as a cap badge. No longer worn or issued due to practicality of wearing formal caps. Designed by Chief Pilot Stan Pullen.





The first issue NSW Police Air Wings for "Engineer". c 1946.


NSWP Force Pilot's "Light blue"Wings. c 1979.
* NOTE: ALL "Issued" NSW Police Wings are Rare; some are Extremely Rare.


These NSW Police "Gold" Wings were not issued but are Rare.


The first metal NSW Police Force Wings issued for trial in 1979 and withdrawn.


NSW Police 2000 Olympic Aviation Support Branch overalls badge.












Issued 1985-present.


To date, there are 3 different QPolair wings ID patches.
Version 1 has word "observer". Worn 2012-13.


Version 2 had  OBSERVER removed and just the wing worn c 2013-15


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